Friday, September 7, 2012

What's with the tie?

Payday Tie Day

As we close out a terrific first week of school I thought I would post something quick and fun.

Longtime RMS Art teacher Janet Rae recently retired after over 30 years of teaching. Those who had the chance to experience her classroom knew her passion for art, for teaching, and for developing positive relationships with everyone around her. Janet reached out to me as a new staff member and instantly made me feel welcome, supported and valued. Throughout my first year we constantly joked with each other about how late we were working and encouraged each other to develop a healthy balance of trying to do the best we could with our mountains of work and and ensuring our own wellness. I'm thankful for all of the time I enjoyed working with Janet but most of all I am continually reminded of the impact she made on the lives of our students and her colleagues.

One example of Janet's constant efforts to make us all smile was her "Payday Friday" necktie tradition. Janet had a different tie (and then some!) for each pay day and she always proudly wore them around the halls of RMS. We all appreciated the reminder of that all important direct deposit. More importantly, the tradition and spirit of fun was infectious and constant. When Janet retired she left me her supply of ties and every few paydays I pull one out and wear it. For me, it serves as an important reminder that as we move forward with the evolution of education and all of the changes that have accompanied our move into the 21st century it is important that we also recognize the traditions and spirit of the past that have built the foundation for what we are as an organization today. Most of all, it just makes me smile.

Happy Payday Friday!