Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Reading

With a little time off I am finally getting around to some professional reading. I'll post some highlights here. The first three books I am reading:

-"Shifting the Monkey" by Todd Whitaker
How to turn an organization's focus from compensating for, excusing, and working around problem people to cultivating and rewarding excellence.

-"The Literacy Principal" by Booth and Rowsell
Background and effective strategies for building more literate students. How to evaluate and support literacy initiatives that create more successful learners.

-"When Teaching Gets Tough" by Allen Mendler
Practical strategies to address four core challenges: Managing difficult students, Working with unappreciative and irritating adults, Making the best of an imperfect environment, Finding time to take top-notch care of yourself.

I'll post my reflection in a top-ten style and invite your comments on the themes, topics, or your reactions.